Big Bear Butt Writing Challenge (a little late)

BBB threw down a writing challenge a while back. I was late to the party but nonetheless he inspired me to write. And, since, I’m sure that was more of his goal than a strict timeline I thought I would go ahead and post what he inspired anyway. If you want to read his original challenge and the most awesome replies ever then please click here and head that way.

BBB, challenge accepted. I hope you don’t mind this being so late and enjoy!

The following was inspired by BBB’s challenge and with my recent dilemma in game I figured it would be an awesome opportunity to write about it 🙂

I’m afraid I got the shaft at birth. For whatever reason I was born a Draenei. We are a proud people and rightly so. We are tall, strong, slender and highly intelligent. Much more so than the other Alliance races but I’ve had a problem since day one. I wasn’t born until after the crash here on Azeroth so I grew up with the other kids. I went to school with all the other races. I knew I was different from the get go. You see, the other kids were so short! They easily remained hidden from the teachers but not me. I was as noticeable as a torch in a dark room. Every time the teacher asked a question, I was the one expected to answer.

That’s not the troubling part though.

The other kids didn’t start getting mean or malicious until the horns started to grow in. I was taunted and teased relentlessly. So many Tauren jokes. And I hadn’t even met a Tauren yet. I had no idea what they were talking about, so of course that only fueled the fire. I’d run home from school everyday and cry to my daddy. Pleading for help. He only ever told me the other kids did this because they were jealous. They were jealous because they knew they’d never be the star I was destined to be. Pfft! What did he know? He wasn’t there in class when they had to start altering the exercise equipment or armors to fit someone of my stature. Oh! And lets not forget the tail! When that grew in the kids tried to use it to lead me around and drag me across the playground. I’d beg them to stop. Plead, bargain, promise. All in vain. They wouldn’t stop. Kids are so cruel.

But the humans. Ahh the humans. So beautiful. Loved by everyone. The whole world seemed to be built for them. Stormwind is gorgeous. Like a shining beacon for all the world to see. Absolutely the most amazing city in all the worlds. This, dear reader, is the very reason for my dilemma. I secretly want to be a human. Please, please, please do not tell my father! He’d disown me for sure. I love my family and would never desire to wrong them but there’s only so many times a girl can hit her head on the door frames before the horns start doing some damage. And I want to be liked by everyone just like they are!

I met this gnome. He said he knew a guy who knows a guy who might know a guy that can make this happen. What a juicy idea?!


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